Fermentation: Bioprocessing and Industrial Microbiology

Fermentation: Bioprocessing and Industrial Microbiology

State-of-the-art equipment and aseptic procedures

Bioprocessing: entire process design and execution from early cell isolation and cultivation, to cell banking and culture expansion of the cells until final harvest of complete living cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, proteins and metabolites) to obtain desired products.

Industrial microbiology: industrial process optimization (including troubleshooting) for the efficient and effective use of microorganisms to mass manufacture products for pharma, food or industrial markets. Numerous microorganisms used, including naturally occurring organisms or laboratory-enhanced mutants (non-GMOs and GMOs)

  • Sartorius biostat B tween
  • Asal Vertical laminar flow asalair 1200
  • Fedegari FVA3/A1 plus vertical lab sterilizer
  • Thermo Scientific™Heratherm™ Advanced Ovens
  • Infors Incubation Shakers


  • Technology transfer ( scale down <-> scale up ):
    > 2 lts <-> 200 lts <-> 3000 lts <-> 50000 lts
  • Production Process development: Performance Improvement
    > Productivity testing of mutants obtained (non GMO/GMO); lab scale, bench scale;
    > Media and Process development to maximize metabolites productivity by fermentation of Streptomyces spp strains wild type and overproducers (non GMO, GMO);
    > Development of protocols and methodologies for footprint improvement: bioconversions, solvent reduction, waste re-duction / re-cycle, energy reduction;
  • WASTE WATER operations:
    > Genetic characterization of microbial population from waste water treatment plant;
    > Effects of metabolites over microbial vitality and metabolism
    > Prototype waste process execution
  • On field support to pre-industrialization and industrial trials